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Explorations: On the Parsha
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Rabbi Ari D. Kahn

An in-depth analysis of the weekly parashah through the prism of rabbinic perspective

Based on Rabbinic, kabbalistic, and Chasidic sources. The material found in Explorations has been available through aish.com known as Moray HaAish. Over 6000 subscribers and countless readers of been inspired and educated by the profound ideas discussed. Now the material has been updated and edited and is being made available by Targum press.

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Bereshit -Genesis

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From the back flap:

For many years, and in many forums, Rabbi Ari Kahn has been teaching the words of the Torah. Through his shiurim and his weekly email essays on the parashah, he has reached thousands of students. Finally, his deep and meaningful insights, the result of years of careful study and research, are available to all readers in Explorations. Drawing upon the vast reservoir of rabbinic literature -- from Talmud to Midrash, from Zohar to the chassidic masters -- Rabbi Kahn combines traditional understanding with new insights. The result is a beautiful mosaic of Torah learning.

What leading Rabbis have said about Explorations:

Explorations captivates the reader-learner. It focuses the teachings of the Midrash masterfully on a wide range of the existential-intellectual dilemmas of our time. With the help of Hashem, the present work will illuminate many seekers of Torah truth.
Rabbi Nachman Bulman shlita

My friend and colleague Rabbi Ari Kahn is gifted with the natural ability to extract-combine-create Torah that provokes mind and heart to reach new levels of awe and appreciation of the beauty of the intertwining of the totality of Torah with itself.
Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz shlita

Rabbi Ari Kahn is Director of Foreign Student Programs at Bar Ilan University where he lectures on Jewish Studies, and at the Aish Hatorah College for Jewish studies. He has lectured world wide on a broad range of topics in Jewish thought. He received his rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary where he studied with Rabbi Yosef Dov Soloveitchik.

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published by Targum Press

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